martedì 30 agosto 2011

Running Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 under Ubuntu

Since Oracle doesn't provide the file deb for Ubuntu, you need to download Oracle SQL Developer for other platforms (usually is a zip file that doesn't not include a JDK), and follow the instructions below:

PS. As described in the article, I also needed to execute the following command:
$ cd ~/.sqldeveloper
$ echo /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk > jdk

lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

Remote Desktop under Linux

I've refined the parameters for rdesktop, to perfectly work with my resolution and my italian keyboard:

rdesktop -u administrator -g 90% -k it -PKD $IPaddress


It's unbelievable!
Microsoft provides free tools to migrate database objects (stored procedures included) to SQL Server. Very very useful.

SSMA: Migration Made Easy

venerdì 23 luglio 2010


I've just discovered a program which allow us to know how many RAM banks are mounted inside our pc!
The program is CPU-Z, and you cand download it from here.

venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Running Reports with Oracle Report Server 10G using a web browser

Of course, it's possible to run Oracle reports with a simple http request.
This approach only requires Oracle Report Server installed on the machine/server and responding on its port 8889.

  • Verify that you have all license rights to install Oracle Report Server

  • Install a PDF reader (personally I love foxit reader)

  • Verify that these environment variables are set:
    REPORTS_PATH = C:\your_reports_folder;
    Important: Make sure your latest Dev
    Suite is on your PATH environment variable first, before any older versions!

  • Start OC4J

  • Start your web browser and run your report using this sintax:
    http://<reports server name>/reports/rwservlet?report=<report file name>&<other report parameters>


Common problems:
If your report calls other libraries, these must be in the same directory of the report, and must be compiled/recompiled with Oracle reports builder 10g.

To avoid errors like the following:
Not able to load oracle.reports.util.EnvironmentGlobal class
Using oracle.reports.util.Environment class

you must also generate/regenerate REP file using 10g Report Builder AND check whether the file/folder has enough privilege to the logged in user.
If you still have problems try to copy it to another folder: there might be problem with the acess right in your folder.

For reference:
Useful guide to Oracle Reports
Using the Oracle Reports Web Service
In the case that you can't use report server and you're forced to use something on the clients, thake a look at