venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Running Reports with Oracle Report Server 10G using a web browser

Of course, it's possible to run Oracle reports with a simple http request.
This approach only requires Oracle Report Server installed on the machine/server and responding on its port 8889.

  • Verify that you have all license rights to install Oracle Report Server

  • Install a PDF reader (personally I love foxit reader)

  • Verify that these environment variables are set:
    REPORTS_PATH = C:\your_reports_folder;
    Important: Make sure your latest Dev
    Suite is on your PATH environment variable first, before any older versions!

  • Start OC4J

  • Start your web browser and run your report using this sintax:
    http://<reports server name>/reports/rwservlet?report=<report file name>&<other report parameters>


Common problems:
If your report calls other libraries, these must be in the same directory of the report, and must be compiled/recompiled with Oracle reports builder 10g.

To avoid errors like the following:
Not able to load oracle.reports.util.EnvironmentGlobal class
Using oracle.reports.util.Environment class

you must also generate/regenerate REP file using 10g Report Builder AND check whether the file/folder has enough privilege to the logged in user.
If you still have problems try to copy it to another folder: there might be problem with the acess right in your folder.

For reference:
Useful guide to Oracle Reports
Using the Oracle Reports Web Service
In the case that you can't use report server and you're forced to use something on the clients, thake a look at

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